Curlbrook Website Creation


Creating the layouts

Curlbrook carefully lays out templates in accordance with clients' wishes then puts them on the Curlbrook website in a protected folder. The client is then given the password to access that folder in order to see the proposed web pages. Discussion and, if required, modifications can then be implemented.


Cost considerations

Conscious of budget constraints, especially on smaller companies, Curlbrook endeavours to keep costs to a minimum. Current prices for web hosting and domain name annual fees are checked regularly and are reflected in the page which can be accessed from the button below.

Photography & Graphics

Images of all types
aerial photograph

Photography and graphic design are essential parts of any modern web page. We offer both still and video pictures and graphic design of logos etc. From small items such as jewellery to aerial shots similar to the one shown above, we are able to provide a modern digital solution to all photographic needs.

About Curlbrook

Curlbrook was set up by Ken Wheeler just after Ken's return from a three year contract in LA in the late 1970s. Whilst working for a British company in Los Angeles Ken studied computer programming on a post-graduate course at UCLA.

Specialist contracts for software development were quickly obtained from several major companies (including Seiko Timing for the Barcelona Olympics). Many of the companies for whom we worked had large IT departments of their own but came to us for our knowlege and skill at low-level programming.

Web development was a naural progression and sites have been created for large and small businesses all over the UK. See our 'Example Site' which includes some real examples of our work

Website Creation

For small companies Curlbrook offers the expertise of many years' experience at a most affordable price. For your website you can use your existing logo and colour scheme or you can commission Curlbrook Websites to create something from scratch.

early desktop

Early desktop built from a kit

This was the first desktop we programmed. We built this machine in Los Angeles in 1976 from a kit of parts produced by a company called Processor Technology - and it still works! This was about five years before IBM coined the phrase 'Personal Computer'.

Smartphones & Tablets

With modern responsive web page design, it is unlikely that you will need a separate 'mobile' version of your website thus saving expensive additional hosting services.

landscape photography of stars

Landscape photography

Beautiful pictures from your own portfolio or created specially for you.

Curlbrook uses top quality modern digital equipment for all our photography, both from the ground and from the air.

Aerial Video

Working with our associate company, Dragonfly Aerial Photography Services (DAPS), video like this example can be produced to your requirements.

DAPS is a professional aerial photography company, fully certified by the CAA and covered by adequate insurance for all risks. Videos in 4K resolution are standard but lower resolutions can be offered if needed. Still photographs similar to the one at the top of this page are straightforward.