From the simplest website shiowing just a promotional page to the most advanced on-line ecommerce store. Have a look at our links page to see examples of previous websites created by us.

Small web sites can cost as little as £150 for a very basic site. Speciality designs using your own graphics and other design features subject to estimate.

We would be happy to discuss your graphics needs and offer an estimate for design or re-design.



This was the first desktop we programmed. Created by us from a kit of parts by a company called Processor Technology in Los Angeles in 1976 and it still works!
SOL Computer
This was a year before the first Apple machine and FIVE YEARS before IBM coined the phrase "Personal Computer" with their first desktop machine.

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Now concentrating on small business sites with "Home"; "About Us" and "Contact Us" as a basic web site but capable of any enhancements you may require. Since the mid 1970s Curlbrook has been programming desk-top computers. The earliest machines ran under an operating system called CP/M. From there to MS-DOS then to Windows we have remained at the forefront of PC programming. We number some of the biggest international companies among our past clients: for example:

In recent years Curlbrook Websites has concentrated on Internet related software, programs and web sites. Curlbrook Websites is situated in North Herefordshire near the Welsh border and local companies have featured largely in our most recent portfolio.

For small companies Curlbrook offers the expertise of many years' experience at a most affordable price. For your website you can use your existing logo and colour scheme or you can commission Curlbrook Websites to create something from scratch. Our graphics design incorporates the latest development software to enable us to design and create eye-catching web pages without running up enormous graphic design bills.

See our 'Links' page for some examples of websites ranging from the most basic to complex integrated on-line ecommerce stores.

To keep development costs to a minimum Curlbrook does not employ full-time staff but, instead, will work with freelance developers who are sub-contracted when additional programming effort is required for larger websites.

Some of the Features which can be included:-
  • Database integration
  • Flash animation and sound integration
  • Video clips
  • Graphic design including logos
  • Multi-lingual sites
Tell us what you want - see our 'Contact Us' page.


For your new website you will need web hosting services. This is a company which has server computers permanently connected to the internet. Renting space with one of these suppliers will cost just under 30 a year. (2016 prices)

You will also need a domain name (e.g. www.yoursite.co.uk). Again, domain names are rented but annual costs can be as little as around 7 a year (.co.uk for example). Of course, the domain name you want must be available! We take care of researching, advising and setting up both domain names and hosting services.


Owner management of some features can be offered as an extra. This enables you to have, for example, a newsletter which you can update yourself at regular intervals, thus avoiding any additional developer costs.